Have you ever experienced how energising it feels after swimming in the cold sea on holiday? How invigorated you felt not just immediately after getting out but for the whole day afterwards?

The occasional cold sea dip turned into daily cold showers, which turned into seeking out any cold water swimming locally and making it part of a weekly routine. All in the quest to relive that uplifting feeling after submerging in cold water. Cold Water Therapy (CWT) had noticeably improved our mental and physical wellbeing.

Our mission was clear; we simply had to bring CWT to more people so they can appreciate the benefits too. Just a couple of minutes everyday could help you start ruling your life and feel more like an Emperor (penguin or ruler –you choose!). CWT should no longer be for just elite athletes and celebs, every single person feels the strains of stress on their mind and tiredness on their body on a daily basis.

Why choose an Emperor for your Ice Bath?

We stand out in design, technology, bespoke offerings, quality, service and price.

emperor ice bath plaque on bath

Discover what Cold Water Therapy could do for you

Cold Water Therapy (CWT) really does do wonders to your mind and body, with people reporting huge improvements in their daily lives.


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Design your Ice Bath to suit you

Express yourself, match your brand or just match your wall paper colour… its up to you!


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