Cold Water Therapy (CWT) offers many physical benefits to your body. There is a very long list of benefits and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. Emperor have listed the main physical benefits for you below:

Relieve Muscle Soreness and speed up recovery  

Much like how you apply ice to injuries, cold water can help reduce inflammation by constricting your blood vessels and reducing blood flow which assists with muscle pain and soreness, and DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a work out. This can also assist in a faster recovery time after an injury or surgery. 

Immune System Boost 

Post-Covid we are all looking for ways to improve our immunity. Using an Ice Bath regularly may increase your white blood cell and platelet count. The higher your count, the stronger your immune system is, and the stronger your body’s infection and disease-fighting capabilities are. 

Improved Circulation and Nutrient delivery 

CWT improves blood circulation by ensuring that the heart, the circulatory system’s only organ, functions optimally. This ensures enhanced blood flow and circulation which can help deliver nutrients and oxygen to all vital organs, body parts, including muscles and cells. The increase in blood flow can also help to remove waste products and metabolic by products that can accumulate in the muscles after exercise. 

Stabilise Your Blood Sugar Level 

CWT can reduce the risk of you having high sugar levels by increasing your Adiponectin levels. Adiponectin is a protein that helps regulate blood sugar levels. If you have high adiponectin, you’ll have a low resistance to insulin, and your metabolism will improve. 

Improves Hair and Skin 

Cold water helps reduce the size of your pores and tightens your skin. It assists in retaining natural oils to keep your hair and skin moisturized, leaving them smooth and healthy, and can prevent skin breakouts and greasy hair. The cold water also stimulates hair follicles, which naturally helps in increasing its thickness and length.  

Enhances Fertility  

Testosterone levels may increase with exposure to cold water. On top of this sperm count and concentration can increase with the cooling of human testicles.  

Improves Lung Function  

You may take deep breaths involuntarily when you submerge yourself in cold water. These deep breaths can increase your lung capacity and improve lung function. 

Supports your Metabolism and stimulates Weight Loss 

There are two types of fat in the body: white and brown. White fat is the bad stuff that gathers where we don’t want it. 

Brown fat, however, is good for us. It generates heat in the body and helps keep us warm. Cold water exposure activates brown fat, which leads to an increase in energy and calories being burned. 

Cold water can temporarily fire up your metabolism. This is because your body is trying its best to keep you warm and is therefore expending energy.  

Another way cold immersion triggers weight loss is through shivering, which produces heat and burns calories in the body. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health 

The shock of cold water stimulates a stronger response from your heart, which can help you to strengthen it. Regular exposure to cold water may help reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease and improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.  

Good for Chronic medical conditions 

CWT may assist with chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as pain relief. 

Cleansing you Inside 

CWT fires up your lymphatic system which is a network of vessels that run throughout the body, clearing out waste, bacteria and microbes from your cells. The lymphatic system essentially helps your body cleanse itself. 

Boosts Testosterone 

Cold immersion prior to exercise has shown to provide a short term increase in testosterone levels and luteinizing hormones. This can help to increase muscle mass and strength along with energy levels.   

Increases flexibility and range of motion 

When your muscles are exposed to cold temperatures, it causes them to contract. This contraction helps to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. On top of this when you warm up after a cold plunge your muscles relax and stretch more easily. This increased flexibility can help you perform movements with more ease, reducing your risk of injury and allowing you to reach new heights in your physical pursuits. That’s not all, increased flexibility can also lead to a better posture and reduced back pain.  

Boosts your Body’s Antioxidant Production and Reduces Acidity 

Cold water immersion causes your body to drastically reduce uric acid levels in the blood and increase the production of glutathione.  Many disease states tend to thrive when the body is more acidic, whereas good health is often observed when the body is more alkaline. Glutathione is able neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage.  

Improves liver function 

Exposure to cold water may help improve liver function and protect it against damage. The increase blood flow to the liver stimulates the production of enzymes that are essential for liver function. This improved blood flow also helps to flush out any toxins and waste products from the liver, allowing it to function more efficiently. In addition, cold plunges may help protect the liver against oxidative stress, which is a leading cause of liver damage.  


Benefits Of CWT