The single most important thing when using ice baths is ensuring you keep yourself safe, whilst also making sure you maximise the benefits. The team at Emperor have compiled this simple list of some of the main things to be aware of and avoid when taking the plunge: 


01 DON’T forget to always listen to your body

02 DON’T stay in too long

03 DON’T forget to enter feet first

04 DON’T forget to breathe

05 DON’T hold your breath

06 DON’T overfill your Ice Bath and remember your body's water displacement

07 DON’T wear thick clothing in the ice bath - these will be heavy with water and hinder mobility

08 DON’T forget to measure or check the temperature

09 DON’T forget to use a timer, alarm, stopwatch or phone to keep track of time

10 DON’T forget to keep a logbook (physical or phone including: date, time of day, duration, temperature, feeling/effects)

11 DON’T go too cold too fast as a beginner

12 DON’T quit after one dip - the benefits accumulate and remember it gets easier

13 DON’T plunge under the influence of alcohol or drugs

14 DON’T forget to supervise anyone under the age of 16 or with an injury or disability

15 DON’T forget to seek advice from a doctor if you have any pre-existing or underlying health issues

16 DON’T forget to take your previous cold water experience into account

17 DON'T forget to always get into and use your Ice Bath with intention

18 DON’T forget to allow ample time to warm up before operating tools, machinery, vehicles, or any other equipment

19 DON’T forget you can get out if it is all too much!

20 DON’T use before a workout

21 DON’T heat up too quickly after

22 DON’T forget to warm up slowly and properly after

23 DON’T forget to place your towel nearby and prepare dry clothes

24 DON’T bath hungover!

25 DON’T fill the bath too shallow as you ideally want to activate the vagus nerve in your neck

26 DON’T be afraid to move around a little in the ice bath - this will help keep you colder not warmer

And lastly….

DON’T forget to share your experience with friends and with our community using @emperoricebath

This is by no means an exhaustive list, the main thing is to always use your common sense! If you have any questions or feel like we have missed something please just let us know. Finally, try to enjoy it! We hope you will become addicted to the benefits and start ruling your life more like an Emperor!


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