We have partnered with leading business finance company Johnson Reed to work with you to find the best way to fund your ice bath. As a business ourselves we know cash is king and breaking large assets down into known, regular monthly payments makes things simpler and more manageable.

Johnson Reed are familiar with our products and work with many similar businesses in the health and fitness sector. We chose Johnson Reed because of their personal approach. With access to a diverse market of lenders as well as their own funds, Johnson Reed will secure finance at the best rates and terms for your business, delivering at an unrivalled 96% acceptance rate.

Because finance cost are an operating cost to the business, the monthly payments can be offset against the companies corporation tax bill. Finance is often used as a tax efficient vehicle to acquire business critical assets without laying out all the capital upfront, affecting cashflow.

Why choose to Finance your Emperor Ice Bath purchases?

  • Tax efficient – Each repayment is allowable as a tax-deductible expense, allowing you to make savings throughout the term
  • Increase profitability – Maintain vital cash reserves while growing your business with the solution you need
  • Plan ahead – Budget confidently around fixed repayments
  • Independent finance – The facility will not affect any existing lines of credit
  • The equipment does the work as you pay for it, just like your staff
  • Acquire the best equipment now, regardless of budget
  • The equipment is yours to own at the end of the term