The Cooler comes with a built in titanium tube heat exchanger which is resistant to salt and chlorine, compressor, self-priming circulation pump (1500 litres per hour) to keep the water circulating, dual filter system, quiet fan, temperature control screen, as well as an optional OZONE filtration system. Our Cooler has a powerful 1HP output surpassing competitors, providing faster and consistent temperature control. It comes with a generous 3m long power cord and UK RCD 3 pin plug. Our cooler (and bath) are suitable for indoor and outdoor, and commercial and personal use.


The Emperor cooler has been designed by our founder from scratch and comes as a classic cube with soft edging. The cooler has a premium matt powder coated electroplated rust-resistant steel exterior, which makes it rust and corrosion resistant and comes in our popular Emperor grey. There is a discreet sunken handle on either side to allow for easy lifting. We provide two quality freeze resistant pipes to connect the cooler to the bath.


In the design process you can choose the placement of the cooler to suit your needs and space. Choose between either side or end for the Bath plumbing. This might be determined by the space you have in mind, view you wish or don’t wish to have or just your personal preferences.

Our optional (but highly recommended) self-cleaning Ozone generator comes built into the cooler cube and injects ozone directly into the water before it exits the cube. This immediately starts oxidising and eliminating contaminants in the water, such as bacteria, viruses, and metals. The OZONE system has stronger disinfectant properties than chlorine. If you opt to have our OZONE generator then detergents, chemicals, cleaning products, chlorine are not required.


The cooler has a sunken and easy to use illuminated LCD touch screen temperature control.

The cooler allows the temperature to be adjusted and controlled from ambient down to just 2°C – with no ice required.

The Cooler comes with Wi-Fi connectivity built-in, which allows you to control the temperature of your Emperor cooler from your smart phone. Simply download the free of charge iOS / Android ‘Smart Life’ app. Using the app you can set time zones for your desired temperature from anywhere in the world.

The Cooler simply needs connecting to the Ice Bath with the two pipes provided and the cooler plugged in. Then just add water and it is ready to go.

Instead of steps you can choose to have a Cooler Box to house the Cooler which also acts as one large single step. In the same way as the steps the side of the Cooler Box will be curved to snugly fit the bath. The Cooler Box will have a slot so you can see and access the Control Screen and is easily moveable so you can access the Cooler. The box will come in the same finish as the bath exterior you have chosen.

The Cooler has high efficiency performance and is extremely quiet running. It uses R32 gas for an environmentally friendlier operation. There is an automatic on/off function incorporated into the cooler to help save energy when the desired temperature is reached. The maintenance mode then kicks in to maintain your desired temperature level using minimal energy.

The Cooler is hardwearing and can operate in temperatures down to -5°C and up to 30°C.


Our Cooler comes with a friendlier high mesh stainless steel dual filter system and a pleated filter system. The two filters are discreetly sunken into the plumbing side of the Cooler and easily accessible. As the filters are outside of the bath you can easily clean the filters without getting into very cold water – unlike some competitors which have a filter submerged at the bottom of the bath. The filters will assist in picking up any skin, sand, dirt, hair and any other unwanted debris and is easy to remove, clean and reinstall.

The Cooler has been designed to be easy to maintain and clean, with an easily accessible reusable dual steel mesh filter system on the side of the Cooler and an easy to wipe down Cooler shell.

Make your Cooler heat enabled so you can heat the water up to 43°C and turn your Ice Bath into a hot tub.

Emperor offer a two year limited warranty for both residential and commercial use.