ice bath top with silver rim

Our Emperor Ice Bath has been designed by our team from scratch, it is beautifully handmade and traditional in style, yet with some modern improvements and touches. The Bath is oval and is one size and shape fits all – the internal bath dimensions are a little longer and deeper than our competitors and accommodates anyone up to 7 feet tall comfortably.

Each Emperor owner simply chooses a water fill line to suit them and their preferences. The Emperor bath comes with a soft edged timber top lip, with a slight overhang for a luxurious finish, a matching lid, a choice of matching steps and a built in drain tap.

Our Bath is Oval in shape and 75.5cm wide to help fit through standard UK door frames.

The timber exterior of the bath is manufactured from carbonised spruce for anti-corrosion properties with four layers of organic epoxy resin varnish for UV/Antibacterial protection which is extremely durable and long lasting in fluctuating temperatures. It is made to last for 20+ years.

As standard the timber comes in a natural varnished finish, however you can choose any of our timber finishes or colours to suit you.

Our hard and durable Emperor interior is made from food grade polypropylene, it is easy to clean, non-hazardous and hygienic.

The interior comes in our popular Emperor grey as standard, however there is a large selection of colours to choose from including the option of picking any colour you wish.

Our Cooler (and steps) are deliberately NOT integrated with the Ice Bath, meaning our Ice Bath kit is much easier and lighter to move – 3 separate items rather than one fully integrated incredibly heavy Ice Bath which need a minimum of 3 Anthony Joshua’s to lift.

top down view to bottom of ice bath

Choose between stainless steel white LED lights or a stainless steel multi colour (7 colour option) (RGB) LED lights to really set the mood. Both are low voltage 12-24V waterproof grade IP65 LED spot lights that are installed on the side of internal bath seat. They both come with a switch at the end of the bath and a 2.5m power cable and 3 pin plug. The RGB lights also come with a remote control.

topdown view to bottom of ice bath

There is a built in bath seat to help you relax when in the water, this also acts as an internal step to help you get in and out of the bath.

ice bath with towel drawer

As an optional extra our Ice Bath can come with a built in external drawer below the seat. The drawer is approximately 60cm wide, 30cm deep and 22.5cm high. The draw is perfect for dry towels, cleaning products, rubber ducky and your Emperor cashmere wooly hat (and anything else you can think of). The drawer has a soft push to open and close mechanism. The drawer will come in the same finish as the bath exterior you have chosen.

ice bath with phone holder

As an optional extra our bath can come with a convenient built in timber shelf with an incorporated smartphone holder slot. The shelf is useful for placing a timer, ipad, beverage, book, towel or speaker. The tilted smart phone slot is perfect for using your phone as a timer or for making Tiktok/Instagram selfie videos. The shelf will come in the same finish as the bath finish you have chosen.

ice bath wooden steps

We offer a choice of handmade timber steps to suit you – side steps and more curved end steps depending on your space, requirements and cooler placement. The steps will come in the same finish as the bath exterior you have chosen.

Instead of steps you can choose to have a Cooler Box to house the Cooler which also acts as one large single step. In the same way as the steps the side of the Cooler Box will be curved to snugly fit the bath. The Cooler Box will have a slot so you can see and access the Control Screen and is easily moveable so you can access the Cooler. The box will come in the same finish as the bath exterior you have chosen.

The timber exterior and the inner mould are very durable and easy to wipe down and clean. Unlike some competitors there is no internal void under the bath seat which is difficult to access.

wooden top with emperor plaque

The bath comes with a beautiful timber lid to assist with keeping the water clean and insulated. The lid has two curved soft handles and will come in the same finish as the bath exterior finish you have chosen.

base of ice bath with water tap

Our bath has a simple to use drainage tap which can be connected to hose pipe. The tap is located at the opposite end of the bath to the seat.

side of ice bath with metal clamp

Our baths have three extra wide brushed stainless steel belts to help hold the bath extra strong.

Our bath is very well insulated with three different materials with excellent insulating properties: extra thick timber, thick plastic and an extra thick layer of silver foiled dense thermal insulation in between the two. This means the Emperor Bath will keep the water cold, while being energy efficient.